Why Bright Light?

Cassie Cramer has more than 25 years of development and communications experience, a collaborative style, and joyful approach.

Extensive and current experience

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More than two decades of hands-on experience

Recent full-time roles in development and communications gives Cassie a unique lens into the stresses, opportunities, and challenges facing organizations.

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Wide experience with diverse organizations across the nonprofit sector

Cassie has worked both locally and nationally with organizations across the nonprofit sector, including arts and culture, human services, and education.

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Expertise in all aspects of development and communications

Cassie has led teams doing every aspect of fundraising and communications. She has expertise in campaign management, budgeting, planning, major gifts, and staff and board development.

Collaborative and flexible approach

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Listening first

Working together will begin with lots of listening. Before we dive in, you’ll have a chance to share where you’ve been and where you need to go.

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Working with and for you to meet shared goals

Expectations will be clearly defined along with goals, deliverables, and a project timeline.

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Flexible engagements with options starting from one day

Your relationship with Bright Light will be structured to meet your needs. From a day to several months – we’ll do what serves you best.

Joyful Style

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Bringing energy and passion

This is her life’s work and nothing makes Cassie happier than partnering with amazing organizations.

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Sharing an infectious can-do attitude

Even when times get tough, you can count on Bright Light to stay positive and focused on solutions.

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Remembering this work is fun 

It’s a privilege to work with nonprofit organizations striving to make the world a better place. And, we can have fun doing it.

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Ready to get started? So am I.


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