How Bright Light Can Help

Located in the Twin Cities of St Paul/Minneapolis and working locally and nationally, Bright Light is your nonprofit fundraising resource.

Interim Staffing

Serve in an interim capacity for organizations going through a transition in development or communications, bridging the gap between leaders.

With more than 25 years of nonprofit development and communications experience, Cassie Cramer can successfully lead your team through times of transition.

Engagements start at one month, 20-25 hours/week suggested

Structural Audits

Analyze fundraising and communications structures and suggest alternative staffing models to promote effectiveness and efficiency.

Unsure if you are optimally staffed to achieve the best results? Bright Light will help assess your current staffing structure, analyze past performance along with future plans, and recommend staffing structures to meet your goals.

Engagements start at one week

Strategic Advising

Coach, advise, and serve as a thought partner for senior leadership and fundraising staff.

Sometimes a seasoned CEO or fundraiser needs a thought partner – someone with whom they can brainstorm, test ideas and assumptions, and ask for advice. Other times, an emerging leader needs a trusted adviser. Cassie is an ideal partner.

Engagements start at one day

All right. Let’s do this!

Intrigued but don’t see the solution that fits your needs exactly? Give me a call – let’s talk about what you’re hoping to accomplish and if I can help.

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