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Hi! Thanks for checking out Bright Light. I’m Cassie Cramer.

After more than 25 years working in development and communications for local and national nonprofits, I’ve branched out to start Bright Light LLC. Through Bright Light, I provide interim staffing solutions and fundraising counsel for nonprofits. My career includes lots of successes, and some misses, too (you can check out my professional journey on my LinkedIn page). I’m eager to share what I’ve learned about fundraising and communications with good people doing good work for good organizations across the country.

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Cassie brings a spirit of joy to the work. Raising money for mission driven organizations should be fun and meaningful.

Fire Starter

Cassie brings infectious energy and focus to your organization while igniting new ideas and fresh approaches.

Drum Beater

Cassie has a finger on what’s current and will keep driving home fundraising best practices and trends.

Truth Teller

Let Cassie’s perspective as an independent consultant shed light on the challenges and possibilities facing your organization.

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